Who teaches the teachers?

A leaflet came through my letter-box from Turville School, advertising the nursery and pre-school in our village. 

It says  that the food is ‘prepared by it’s (sic) own school cook’.  If the teachers can’t observe their apostrophes, what hope for its pupils?

Curiously, the leaflet claims that the school is open for 51 weeks of the year.  Twenty years ago, a group of us saved the school (which is the former church school) from sale by the Church Commissioners, who wanted to realise the capital (probably by selling it as a second home).  We formed the Turville School Trust, a registered charity, and raised money to buy the school. It is leased to the nursery on the understanding that for six weeks every year it will be vacated to provide accommodation for deprived children who would not normally get a holiday in the country.

So how come the nursery school can operate for 51 weeks a year?  It should be 46 maximum.

Turville School


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I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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One Response to Who teaches the teachers?

  1. Anonymous says:

    As you are a resident of the village; I am sure you are very aware that the nursery move premises to Northend for 6 weeks during the summer. They continue to trade under the same name and can therefore legitimately claim to be open for 51 weeks of the year, perhaps your maths is as bad as their grammar.

    As for the grammatical error – no one is perfect and as a teacher myself, (albeit with teenaged children), I believe that we all learn from our mistakes. However those who learn best and accept their failings are those who are told about those mistakes in a supportive manner rather than having the error highlighted in a derogatory way. Rest assured I know where to put my apostrophes but there are still the odd occasions when mistakes are made. I sincerely hope they are not teaching children about grammar at the age of 3 but rather about how to have fun and make the most of their time on this earth, which in my opinion is certainly not wasting time looking for mistakes in literature which comes through my door.

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