Horrible hippopolis rejected

Great news, the horrible hippopolis about which I blogged on 3 November here, has been roundly rejected by Wycombe District Council planners.

The application was for a private equestrian-development in the lovely Skirmett valley, in the heart of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Bucks.  The plan was to demolish the buildings at Stud Farm (now pointlessly renamed Valentine Farm) and replace them with an equestrian complex consisting of a riding area, stables, tack room, wash rooms, office, store rooms, feed and rug room and horse walker.

Wycombe planners have refused the application because ‘the scale and mass of the riding arena/stable building would be harmful to the scenic beauty of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  It would damage its special character, appearance and natural beauty and due to its location in public viewpoints and adjacent to the public rights of way network, would damage the future public enjoyment of the area.’

The Open Spaces Society, Ramblers, Chiltern Society, Chilterns Conservation Board, Natural England and more than 120 individuals had objected to the application.

This decision wonderful news.  The proposed development would have been a huge eyesore in this outstanding, unspoilt landscape.  It is a peaceful area of immense beauty.  The site is highly visible from the many public paths which criss-cross the area.  It’s a relief that the planners have refused the application in such clear terms, and I hope this will be the end of the matter.

The beautiful Skirmett valley

The beautiful Skirmett valley


About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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2 Responses to Horrible hippopolis rejected

  1. I hope that smaller equine establishments, stable or field, are accommodated in this valley, and that these delightful lanes are accessed by horse-riders as part of the public on rights of way.

    • Yes there are many smaller places, and lots of riding, I wish the 4x4s didn’t travel so fast though as it’s all a bit dangerous riding and walking on the lanes.

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