Focus your bins on birds, RSPB

I’m a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds because I like birds.  Of course I know that birds are just one part of nature.  But I look to RSPB to protect, campaign for, teach about and celebrate birds.

While I consider the RSPB to be a great and effective organisation, commanding respect and authority,  I’m disappointed that the members’ magazine Birds is to be renamed Nature’s Home.  This twee and fatuous title does no credit to the RSPB’s image.  I do not recall any consultation with the members.  I was one of the 497 (88 per cent) who voted against the change in Mark Avery’s poll in the summer.

But the real irritation came this week with the arrival of our new membership-cards. I am a joint member with my partner.  One card showed guillemots—fine, they’re what RSPB is about.


The other showed a water vole—sweet and cuddly but not directly what RSPB is about.  It looks more  a membership card the Mammal Society would issue.

RSPB card

So like many RSPB members I shall be keeping a close eye on the organisation, and its magazine in particular, to check that they don’t drift into a nebulous campaigning for everything, but focus their binoculars sharply on BIRDS.


About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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5 Responses to Focus your bins on birds, RSPB

  1. David Fursdon says:

    I have to say Kate that I agree with you. Campaigning for birds can very easily include their habitat, feed sources, relevant agricultural policy etc but too wide a remit risks duplication and confusion.

  2. nirgunapa says:

    They’ll change their name to the The Royal Society for the Protection of Biodiversity next!

  3. Not long ago I saw one of the wind turbines the RSPB is madly in favour of chop a kestrel. Strange body.

  4. Sylvia Ronan says:

    And … they seem to be getting worse

  5. Alex Knox says:

    Totally agree with you Kate just received our new membership cards and was wondering why a picture of a bank vole. I thought I had joined the RSPB.

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