A quadriennio ad octennium

In other words, from a four-year to an eight-year period.  Which is what, with a bit of Blue Peter initiative, I have achieved for my British Trust for Ornithology list for recording the birds I see each year.

BTO cover1

I started keeping the list in 2010 and, at the end of 2013, I had reached the end of the boxes which were provided, ie four-years’ worth with a column for notes..

BTO list1

Of course it isn’t that I’m too mean to spend 95p on a new one (in fact BTO sent it free when I signed up for the breeding bird survey or the 2007-11 bird atlas) but I find it interesting to recall my sightings across the years—for instance, I can note at a glance that 2013 was the first of the four years when, sadly, I didn’t see a tree pipit.  It’s rather like a five-year diary.  For me, the four years of the BTO list are not enough.

Solved it
So I have solved it. I found a fairly blank page and photocopied the four rows of blank boxes.  I had to do it in two lots as there was no completely blank page.

BTO squares1

Then I cut them out in strips and stuck them on the blank space for notes.  Now I have another four years of boxes for birding (with space for a further two if I want to make it up to ten years).

BTO book with new squares1

I hope the BTO and RSPB will in future provide lists which cover at least eight years rather than four.  It would save a lot of faffing around with paper and glue!

Red kite.

Red kite.


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I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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One Response to A quadriennio ad octennium

  1. keithbadger says:

    Burroughs once said you must see them in your heart before you find them in the bush – you obviously have a grand eye for the bird people Kate!

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