The new Vikings?

The attractive town of Tobermory, on the north-east coast of Mull, is busy during tourist times but not unpleasantly so.




Not, that is, until a luxury cruiser moors off its shore and ferries its passengers across to the town.  We were away by Loch Ba on the day that 800 or so passengers from the Marco Polo cruise ship piled into Tobermory.  I hope they spent a lot in the shops but they won’t have contributed that much to the local economy because they were accommodated and fed on board the ship.  We saw it that evening, dominating the harbour.  If it had been on land it would have needed planning permission.



The day we sailed back from Iona we met a large crowd at Fionnport waiting for the ferry, in fact more than a ferry-load so they had to go across in shifts.

Melèe at the Fionnport ferry

Scramble for the Fionnport ferry

About ten coaches were in the car-park.    It was a lucky escape for us but the island, which is proud to offer peace and tranquillity, would have been anything but peaceful that day.

The harbour at Iona

The harbour at Iona

The joy of staying on Iona was when everyone left and we had the island almost to ourselves.

Iona Abbey

Iona Abbey


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