High-rise demise

A high-rise in the wood above Turville in the Bucks Chilterns, has fallen to the ground.

It was no ordinary high-rise.  It was a tree in which jackdaws nested, one above the other, their sticks protruding from the holes.


The jackdaw tree

The jackdaw tree

As soon as I turned the corner into the wood they flew out, chattering noisily.  It was impossible to creep up on them, they had extra senses.

Last year there was a storm and half the tree was blasted away, exposing the storeys of twiggy nests.  This year the jackdaws found another tree.  But the original one remained as a memorial to a happy home.

After the storm

After the storm

And then, this month, it finally fell to the ground.  Long may it stay there, as a memorial to a happy household of jackdaws and a new home to countless invertebrates.

web jackdaw tree fallen

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