Voting for path people

While we know before the votes are counted who will be our MP and district councillor in the Hambleden Valley in Buckinghamshire’s Wycombe District, we do at least have the excitement of an election for Turville Parish Council with unpredictable results. Unusually we had a ballot with six candidates for five places; only three of the candidates are existing councillors.

The polling station is at the village hall on Northend Common, one of the many scattered settlements in Turville parish.

Northend Common

Northend Common

To get there I drove along the lovely lime-avenue across Turville Heath common.

Lime avenue, Turville Heath

Lime avenue, Turville Heath

Outside the hall I recognised the red car belonging to the poll clerks: I have seen them here at least twice before.  They would have had a quiet and restful day (the electorate is about 2,030 split between six polling stations), but at 7 pm it was quite busy.  With four people arriving at once there was a queue!

Lime avenue, Turville Heath

Northend village hall

I cast my usual votes for Labour.  For the parish I voted for the candidates who I believe will resist attempts by landowners to close or shift paths on spurious grounds of privacy and security.  Turville Parish Council has a good record of saying no.  It exercised its veto on the closure of the public road to Turville Court and objected to the proposed diversion of the bridleway past Kimble Farm, from the old track into a field.

The bridleway at Kimble Farm

The bridleway at Kimble Farm

There are likely to be more of these pernicious proposals. The Getty family is trying to move the old route of a bridleway at the rebuilt Twigside Farm in neighbouring Ibstone.  It is vital that Turville Parish Council is robust in arguing that paths should stay put.

Postscipt:  the result of the election can be found here


About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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