What news for the environment?

It’s a sad fact that the Secretary of State for Environment is always one of the last posts to be announced in any cabinet reshuffle, and at the time of writing I am still waiting to hear who it will be.  It ought to be one of the top jobs, for it is our future.

Meanwhile, I reflect on Theresa May’s record on paths and access.  In 2005 she opened the new footpath under the A404 dual-carriageway at Bisham near Marlow, following an eight-year campaign by the Ramblers (led by the redoutable Margaret Bowdery).

Opening of Bisham 9  069

Theresa May and Margaret Bowdery open the footpath under the A404 dual carriageway at Bisham, 17 June 2005. Photo: Dave Ramm

But I don’t recall her helping much to get the Thames Path routed by the river in Maidenhead, instead of along the dangerous rat-run of Ray Mead Road, a campaign which has for the time being failed.

web RMRd 4

The Thames Path National Trail

And in her next-door constituency of Windsor, what about the Thames Path which should run through the Home Park but instead, for alleged security reasons, is forced onto the busy residential road through Datchet?  In this of all years, the queen’s ninetieth birthday and the twentieth anniversary of the Thames Path National Trail, we ought to get the route sorted. I’m not sure that Theresa May will be much help though.


About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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4 Responses to What news for the environment?

  1. Oh dear! So now we know; abandon all hope of a green and pleasant land – unless one supports fox hunting.
    One bright spot today, my first grasshopper warbler since 2004.

  2. Nick Burton says:

    Kate, I did write to the Crown Estate earlier in the year regarding the Thames Path through the Home Park Estate. They were not interested and cited security reasons as this area is now in a designated criminal trespass area under the SOCP Act. I did point out that the estate does allow public access on other parts of the estate including along The Long Walk which is used by the Three Castles Path. I haven’t given up and will be using social media shortly to get a campaign going to re-route the Thames Path along the old riverside towing path (closed by Prince Albert around 1850). Cheers!

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