Unforgotten field

Today I returned to my prep-school sports ground at Knotty Green near Beaconsfield (I was checking out a nearby common).  Every week in summer we walked the half mile from High March school to what was known as ‘Field’ for sports practice.  This was the Knotty Green cricket ground, at the junction of the B474 and Forty Green Road.

Knotty Green cricket field


I was no good at sports but I was quite a fast runner.  On sports day one year I was given the job of runner, conveying messages from the judges in the pavilion to the teams at the other end.  So I would charge to and fro feeling important, a bit like Rabbit.  It felt like a long way, the field looks much smaller to me now!  The role of runner was a nice consolation for never winning a prize on sports day.

1965 High March sportsday

High March sports day 1965 at Field



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