Feisty Barbara’s anniversary

Every year on 28 August I remember my feisty, red-haired friend Barbara MacDonald. She was a campaigner for Dartmoor, animal welfare and much else; she was outspoken and funny. Today she would have been 104.  

You can read about her centenary here, her lovely poem about Swincombe here, and her polemic What should we tell the children

This year I present a cartoon which she sent to me many years ago, and goes on making me laugh.  Bar had a wonderful sense of humour; she was also critical of intensive, subsidised agriculture and supported small farmers.  I think this cartoon may have been at the time of mad-cow disease.

Cartoon from Bar

The cartoon is signed S.McMurtry so I looked him up and found an interesting story.  Stan McMurtry, known as Mac, worked for the Daily Mail for 37 years, so that is perhaps where Bar found the cartoon.  He depicted his wife Liz in the cartoons.  The article  says ‘She can be hidden in the ripples of a puddle, floating in the clouds or enmeshed in a hedge. She is seldom easy to find.’  I wonder if her profile is one of the squiggles in the hedge in the cartoon above.

So thank you Bar not only for a cartoon which has kept me laughing and which has led to some interesting research, but for being such a fun and constant friend.

web Bar MacD

Barbara MacDonald



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I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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One Response to Feisty Barbara’s anniversary

  1. Gaslight Crime says:

    A very old friend of mine. Very anti-Establishment and much missed.

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