Piddington path-check: day 3

I found a completely overgrown path on my third day of checking paths in Piddington and Wheeler End parish, Bucks, for the Ramblers was 7 August 2016.  I covered the land to the west of Bolter End Lane and north of Bullocks Farm Lane.  I have already written about days 1 and 2.

I walked through Laurel Farm and enjoyed the open fields, a contrast to the woodland which occupies much of the eastern part of the parish.  It is amazing how the landscape is so varied in such a small area.


The view north from footpath 3/2, near Laurel Farm.

In the next field there was a missing waymark where two paths diverge: I have reported this.


Waymark needed here, at junction of FPs 13 (which continues ahead) and 6 (to the right).

I took one of the paths to the boundary with Stokenchurch parish. Here a well-defined track follows the parish boundary on the Stokenchurch side, but it is not on the definitive map. This may need an application to ensure it is saved from the 2026 closure of the definitive map.


Non-definitive track on the boundary of Stokenchurch (left of the hedge) and Piddington (right).

I followed the track north then crossed a broken stile (which I have reported) back into Piddington parish.


Broken stile on footpath 3/1.

There was a good view across the valley; the parish-boundary hedge is in the bottom.


The view from footpath 3/1.

I returned to Bolter End Lane and found there was no signpost where footpath 20 leaves it. I have reported this via the county council website, which tells me that the issue has been ‘resolved’.  Not true, it is still missing.  There are problems with the reporting system.


Footpath 20 goes off to the right, there was no signpost here when I last visited.

I followed footpath 16 which runs parallel to Piddington Lane, noting a number of awkward stiles, some with barbed wire round the posts.  Just south-west of Piddington village the path runs along the bank above the lane which is in a hollow; this is an important path as it enables walkers to get off this narrow, dangerous lane.  On 7 August the path was completely obstructed and I had to use the road. I reported this and was pleased to find on 6 November that it had been cleared.












I need to check whether other problems I have reported have been dealt with.





About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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2 Responses to Piddington path-check: day 3

  1. G J Wheeler says:

    When you have put all the effort into completing this survey isn’t there someone based locally to whom you could delegate the follow up, or do you have to do everything your self? I refer to your concluding remark!

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