No longer a telegram

The queen’s ‘telegram’ to centenarians is a card which arrives by special delivery. Be warned, it does not come automatically.  You have to request it here, and provide a birth certificate to give proof of age.

I went through the process for Mum and had a confirmatory phone call from the Department for Work and Pensions that it would be delivered before 1pm on her birthday.

Sure enough, at 12.20 our postman Paul was on the doorstep.  He brought the card in so that Mum could sign for it (she found the electronic-signing machine a bit bizarre and pressed too hard so that the screen went into crisis mode).

Mum and Paul

Paul brings the post and Mum attempts to sign for it

The card itself is a photo of the queen—looking rather like Mum!


Queen card inside


In the same delivery came another envelope, which was for some reason labelled ‘telegram’.  It contained a slip of paper wishing Mum a happy birthday from the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Damian Green.  Mum hadn’t heard of him.


Damien Green



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2 Responses to No longer a telegram

  1. The question arises, who sends the Queen a telegram if she reaches 100 and is still on the throne? Perhaps she writes her own, beginning ‘memo to self…”

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