Swift action in the North York Moors

Shortly after my visit with the Ramblers to the North York Moors on 18 July I reported the wobbly, dangerous stile at Fylingthorpe (grid reference NZ 945048).

1 Stile at Fylingthorpe

Wobbly stile at Fylingthorpe, 18 July 2017

On 15 August. it was fixed.  Bernie McLinden, the North York Moors National Park Authority senior ranger (coast), has written: ‘Couldn’t get agreement for a gate but have repaired the stile. Given the nature of the gap with stone walls and stone floor we had to install something a little different to the usual stile—but I think it works well.’  Although he had been away that did not hold things up, and the stile was built by his colleague, Martyn Williams.

Mended stile at Fylingthorpe

New stile at Fylingthorpe, 15 August 2017

It looks wonderful; I can’t wait to go back and use it.  And what a speedy response—I doubt many authorities would fix a stile within a month.

Thanks Bernie and Martyn!

About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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4 Responses to Swift action in the North York Moors

  1. So rewarding to see a result, and so soon. It emphasises the value of the national parks. This would not have happened nearly so quickly in other local authorities, certainly not in Herefordshire.

  2. Thanks Tom, nor in Bucks!

  3. ossjay says:

    Tidy job. Possible perfection IMHO: a slab of stone upright. RCT repaired a damaged stone stile built into the wall beautifully and it brought a path back into use.

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