The elusive bee-orchid

Two years ago, on that fateful morning after the Brexit referendum, I got up early to visit the bee orchid in the field near Harecramp, Turville.

Bee orchid

Bee orchid at Harecramp in June 2016

On 13 June I was up early in the hope of finding one again.  I went up from Turville towards Ibstone through Park Wood.  A number of conifers have been felled, giving way to foxgloves.


Foxgloves in Park Wood

I went down through Ibstone park and took the bridleway to Harecramp, which was lined with daisies.

Daisies at Harecramp
Daisies by the bridleway to Harecramp, looking SW towards Ibstone House

Then I took the footpath across the field where in previous years there have been many orchids.

Harecramp field
The inviting footpath across the field south of Harecramp Cottages

There were a number of pyramidal orchids, but I could see no bee orchids.  I guess the grass is too long, although there were a few sheep grazing it.

Pyramid orchid

Pyramidal orchid

I will go back to check again, but I fear this is not a year for bee orchids at Harecramp.  However, that did not diminish my enjoyment; a Chiltern walk, early on a bright June morning, is pretty special.





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