Peakin’ at the Wrekin

I have always wanted to climb the Wrekin.  I have seen it many times from many places rising seductively above Telford.  So when I was invited to open the Telford T50 trail on 16 June I grabbed the chance to climb the Wrekin.

I was accompanied by Eve Clevenger, Malcolm Skelton and Naomi Wrighton of Wellington Walkers Are Welcome, and Anne Suffolk of Telford and East Shropshire Ramblers.  It was lovely to have them to guide me.

Wellington Walkers Are Welcome produce delightful postcards showing local walks and the one of the Wrekin was useful to slip in my pocket.

Wellington WAW postcard of Wrekin walks

Eve lives next to Wrekin Farm on the north-west slope of the Wrekin so we set off from here.  The path across the first field was well marked, but had no signpost where it leaves the lane so I shall report this to the council.

13 path to the Wrekin

Great path but no signpost

Rather than follow the main path up to the top we walked around the western side to Little Hill.

14 Little Hill

Naomi, Eve, Anne and Malcolm on Little Hill

Then we joined the T50 trail which leads to the main route up, through Hells Gate and Heavens Gate, the ramparts of the iron-age hilltop fort.

15 way up to the Wrekin

The main route to the top of the Wrekin

At the summit there is a toposcope.  Looking west I could see the distinctive outline of Cader Idris to the left of the Breiddon Hills, and to the right of them I thought I could just see the  Arans, both on the far western side of Wales.  But the toposcope fails to show either of them.  Instead it indicates that you can see Snowdon, which is unlikely because the Berwyns are in the way.

16 Wrekin looking W

The view west from the Wrekin; Cader Idris is visible in the far distance

17 Wrekin looking N

The view north from the Wrekin

12 View from Wrekin looking SE

The view south-east from the Wrekin, to the power station at Buildwas

11 Top of Wrekin

The view south-west from the Wrekin

18 Anne, K, Naomi, Eve

Anne, me, Naomi and Eve on top of the Wrekin

We headed back down, through woods, on a more direct route to Eve’s house.  I was pleased to have fulfilled a long-held ambition, and it was every bit as good as I had anticipated.

19 way down

Back through the woods





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