Across the Cardiff barrage

For more than 20 years I have visited the Eisteddfod, to walk with Welsh colleagues.  This year the Eisteddfod was in Cardiff; it was  much more a part of the city than is normally the case when the maes is in a field some way away. 

Because the roads would be crowded, my friend Beverley Penney and I walked from Penarth, to the west of Cardiff, across the barrage which was opened in 2001.

2 custom house

Penarth: the Custom House and, to the right, the Marine Building which has been empty for some time and is badly in need of renovation.

It was a pleasant and peaceful means of travel with lots of interest.  On the barrage there is a distinctive pink hut on stilts, originally used by local yacht clubs.

1 pnk hut

Pink hut

We passed the artwork by Felice Varini, Three Ellipses for Three Locks.  It is an anamorphosis, a distorted projection which can only be seen correctly when you stand in the right place.  We almost got it right.

4 yellow stripes

Three Ellipses for Three Locks by Felice Varini

The view over the Bristol Channel has the islands of Steep Holm and Flat Holm looking strangely close together, despite being four kilometres apart.  Brean Down in Somerset was visible on the other side of the channel.

5 islands

Brean Down to the left and Flat Holm and Steep Holm centre

We followed the Wales Coast Path below the barrage, with sand martins swooping overhead—a great joy to me.

5a WCP

Wales Coast Path heading towards Cardiff


6 coast path

Wales Coast Path waymark

This took us round to Cardiff Bay, where we joined the bustle of the Eisteddfod.  We passed the memorial to Captain Scott

7 Scott memorial

Scott memorial

and arrived at the meeting point for the walk, at Mermaid Quay.







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