100 Opinions in Open Space

Opinions in Open Space magazine, autumn 1985-autumn 2018.

This provides information for the article ‘One hundred Opinions’, here.

No Issue Title Topics
1 1985 aut Okey not OK? Okehampton bypass, national parks, government
2 1986 spr After Okey Okehampton bypass, government, parliamentary principle
3 1986 sum Beyond the forum Common Land Forum (CLF)
4 1986 aut Crop the crop Countryside Commission(CoCo) access charter, cropping of RoW
5 1987 spr Racing the law Government consultation on commons, deregistration
6 1987 sum Blocked out Ploughing code, development on farmland, CLF
7 1987 aut Why so shy? CoCo, enjoying the countryside & national parks (NPs) campaign
8 1988 spr Aside effects Set aside, commons dereg, planning
9 1988 sum Goodbye partner? CoCo consultation on diversions
10 1988 aut Petty partner CoCo, commons, grouse moors
11 1989 spr 1189 & all that Claiming rights of way (RoW)
12 1989 sum Paving your way Water Bill, ordinary countryside
13 1989 aut What a mess! CoCo threat of amalgamation
14 1990 spr Time to deliver Commons legislation
15 1990 sum Here we stand Moorland Assoc, commons
16 1990 aut Short common Commons statement
17 1991 spr Friends who fail Peak NP authority, CoCo, Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS), access
18 1991 sum Ifs and butts Commons, grouse moors, RSPB
19 1991 aut Scraps of paper Right to roam
20 1992 spr Pro malo public Military, Duchy of Cornwall, NPs
21 1992 sum Trespass rules, OK? Kinder, CLF
22 1992 aut Secret access CSS
23 1993 spr Access for money CSS CoCo
24 1993 sum Macleaned out! David Maclean, grant slash, urban spaces
25 1993 aut Omrats to you! Ombersley rationalisation, CoCo, RoW, rationalisation
26 1994 spr Plod on the path Architectural liaison officers, police, crime
27 1994 sum In place of fences NationalTrust fencing, common
28 1994 aut In Dark Age ways RoW diversion of blocked paths
29 1995 spr Law not jaw Bodmin Moor bill, CoCo, access
30 1995 sum Can’t cut works out Commons encroachments, local authority duty
31 1995 aut Path lottery Path diversions
32 1996 spr The forum plus ten CLF, commons, access
33 1996 sum Facing the music Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sydmonton diversions
34 1996 aut For all or one? Bodmin, Cornwall County Council, RoW
35 1997 spr Missing the target CoCo path div proposals
36 1997 sum Truth and travesty CLF, commons, access, CoCo
37 1997 aut A stake not fences Commons, fencing, access
38 1998 spr No law, no access Ranmore decision, access consultation
39 1998 sum Fair play for greens Village greens (TVG) registration
40 1998 aut Quango’s last quack CoCo, RoW, duties
41 1999 spr Old promise, New Labour Access, Labour Govt
42 1999 sum Luck of the draw Access legislation, RoW, common
43 1999 aut New spaces, new century Access, Sunningwell, new NPs
44 2000 spr Getting the law right Access, commons dereg, new TVG
45 2000 sum Our greens imperilled TVG legislation
46 2000 aut The will of the people Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Bill, access
47 2001 spr Much still to do CROW Bill
48 2001 sum More haste, more speed Foot and Mouth Disease, RoW access
49 2001 aut Grabbing our chance Access mapping
50 2002 spr Tough times for spaces Planning changes, TVG
51 2002 sum Create not divert RoW obstructions
52 2002 aut Private practice Government policy statement on commons, privatisation, RoW
53 2003 spr A case to quote Van Hoogstraten, RoW obstruction
54 2003 sum Lone voice RoW diversion, obstruction
55 2003 aut Beat the retreat! Dartmoor military, china clay
56 2004 spr Corporates caught RoW obstruction, legislation
57 2004 sum New not merged English Nature, agency merger
58 2004 aut Hills to climb CROW Act access, integrated agency
59 2005 spr Enforcing the law Access, enforcement, Commons Bill
60 2005 sum A long way to go Access, Pennine Way, Pitshill RoW case, West Sussex
61 2005 aut A commons champion? Natural England (NE), common land
62 2006 spr End this futility Commons Bill, unlawful works
63 2006 sum Unfair trade RoW in CROW Act, lost ways
64 2006 aut One admiral, no ships NE commons
65 2007 spr Coast for the most Coastal access, NE, Countryside Council for Wales
66 2007 sum Trespassers’ legacy CROW, coastal access, gating orders
67 2007 aut See you in court? Commons, works, Commons Act, encroachments
68 2008 spr Grab your greens now TVG development
69 2008 sum Spreading our wings Coastal access, lost ways, TVG
70 2008 aut The greens industry TVGs, court cases
71 2009 spr A people’s charter? 1949 act, NPs, def maps, coastal access
72 2009 sum Movement renewed South Downs NP
73 2009 aut Inclosure goes on Commons fencing, planning
74 2010 spr Rants on the green TVG development
75 2010 sum A good investment Value for money, paths and spaces
76 2010 aut Back to the courts? Spending cuts, commons, RoW
77 2011 spr Lost in localism Spending cuts, TVG, development, land of community value
78 2011 sum Red tape: the reality Red tape challenge, regulation, TVG, development
79 2011 aut Chuck it in the bin! TVG, National Planning Policy Framework
80 2012 spr In Octavia’s footsteps RoW, 2026 definitive-map cut off
81 2012 sum By Kinder’s torchlight Trespassers, cuts, commons, access, green space
82 2012 aut Ostrom’s teaching Elinor Ostrom’s death, commons
83 2013 spr Development is all People’s rights, TVG, anti-social behaviour bill
84 2013 sum Keeping us out Anti-social behaviour bill, green space, wellbeing
85 2013 aut Inclosure revived Growth & Infrastructure (GI) Act, TVG, coastal access
86 2014 spr War against green space GI Act, local green space, TVG
87 2014 sum The tide has turned TVG cases, GI Act
88 2014 aut Good Hants, bad Hants? Landowner statements, TVG, RoW
89 2015 spr Law denied Court action, commons, RoW, Criminal Justice Act
90 2015 sum Fighting on Privatisation, green space
91 2015 aut Croesi i Gymru? Welsh Government green paper, access, RoW
92 2016 spr Park sharks Public parks, commercialisation, management
93 2016 sum Space invaders Cuts, Disneyfication, NPs, AONB
94 2016 aut Access means Access Brexit, agricultural funding, RoW, access
95 2017 spr People’s places Parks, open space, statutory duty, NE
96 2017 sum Shape of the nation Wales Coast Path, designated landscapes
97 2017 aut Paths to oblivion CoCo year 2000, NE, post-Brexit
98 2018 spr Making spaces Local authority planning, new TVG, local green space
99 2018 sum Why no bid, NE? NE, House of Lords Select Committee, Brexit, access
100 2018 aut Beef up the bill Agriculture Bill, commons, grazing, cross compliance, RoW
Analysis of topics
Commons 30
Rights of way 30
Access including coastal access 30
Town and village greens 18
Countryside Commission 11
National parks & designated landscapes 10
Open space, including green space 9
Natural England 5
Brexit 4
Lost ways 3
Urban parks 2
Government agencies 2

About campaignerkate

I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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