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Trespasser remembered

George Haigh, probably the last of the Kinder trespassers, died yesterday aged 103. Continue reading

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It’s April blossom now

It’s worrying that we now have May blossom in April. Continue reading

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Munificent Margaret

The Open Spaces Society’s former vice-president Margaret Smith would have been 101 today. Continue reading

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On the side of a cliff

Ramblers’ Welsh Council this year was held at the dramatic Nant Gwrtheyrn, on the side of a cliff. Continue reading

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Return to Dunblane

The Ramblers’ Scottish Council was held in Dunblane and had some excellent highlights. Continue reading

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Let’s reinvent the Countryside Agency

We must not forget the Countryside Agency which was born 20 years ago today, on 1 April 1999.
Continue reading

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