Dawn chorus at Warburg

Today, Sunday 5 May, is international dawn chorus day.  I celebrated it three days ago, when I could see the weather would be fine, with my friend Lucie Henwood, at the Warburg nature reserve in south Oxfordshire.

We arrived at 5am, just as it was getting light.  We had both heard skylarks singing as we drove over, the earliest of the birds.

1 first pic

At 5.15 am, birds already singing heartily

Warburg was already alive with sound as the day dawned, and as always it was hard to distinguish one bird from another.   We walked through an open stretch with woods either side.  I made a short video which is here. It doesn’t do justice to the chorus though.

1 getting light

Dawn breaking at 5.15 am

Then we joined the old track which runs up to Cookley Green, with thrushes and blackcaps to serenade us.

2 track

The track to Cookley Green

We made a loop through Kitesgrove Wood, stopping frequently to listen, and to try to distinguish the various tits from the tweetings in the beech trees.

3 beechwoodsIn a short time we covered many different habitats, and ended up at the hide near the car park, where robins and great tits were enjoying the feeder by the pond.

4 hideIt was a walk to remember.

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I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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