Around Cardiff Bay

In mid-July the Ramblers’ board of trustees had an away-weekend in Cardiff.  We stayed close to Cardiff Bay and I managed, in a day and a half, to squeeze in four walks there.  Two were before breakfast (with Chris Hodgson, Ramblers’ trustee and chair of Ramblers Cymru who is always game for a walk), and the other two were to Penarth and back, for supper.

As I described last year, Cardiff Bay is on the Wales Coast Path, with plenty of artistic interest.

6 coast path

Wales Coast Path waymark

There is the statue of Ivor Novello by Peter Nicholas in Roald Dahl Plass,

1 Ivor Novello

Ivor Novello

the Merchant Seafarers’ war memorial by Brian Fell near the Senedd

2 Merchant Seafarers' war memorial

Merchant Seafarers’ war memorial

and People Like Us, by John Clinch, celebrating the people who lived and worked in Tiger Bay.

9 People like us

People Like Us

There are also sculptures on nearby buildings, such as Equity, by J A Stevenson, on the old National Westminster bank on Portland House, West Bute Street.

10 Equity


There is a useful list of many of the artworks here.

On the way across the barrage to and from Penarth there are splendid views over the Bristol Channel, to Brean Down, Steep Holm and Flat Holm.

4 view across Severn estuary

Brean Down, Flat Holm and Steep Holm, across the Bristol Channel

We passed the new swift tower, from which emanated some screaming from the inhabitants (or was it a recording?), and I hope this will help to increase Cardiff’s swift population.

3 swift tower

Swift tower

My greatest joy was, once again, to see so many sand martins. They were swooping among the rocks on the barrage, and they seemed to be nesting in holes in the concrete walls of Mermaid Quay at Tiger Bay.

5 sand martin hole

Sand martins seem to be nesting in the hole just above the greenery

On our Sunday morning walk Chris and I walked past Mermaid Quay and on round the bay to the wetland reserve,

6 nature reserve

Wetland reserve

with a grassy patch where we had probably missed the bee orchids for this year.

7 bee orchid sign

We came to the sculpture of Cader Idris by William Pye (which used to stand outside Cardiff station).

Cader Idris wikipedia

Cader Idris by William Pye (credit: Wikipedia)

The jetty, with a view west across the bay, was our (reluctant) turning-round point.

8 view to Penarth

View from the jetty to Penarth

There’s plenty more to see.  I’ll be back.



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