Ryder into the sunset

The Sue Ryder palliative-care hospice at Joyce Grove, Nettlebed in Oxfordshire is to close next month (April 2020).


Joyce Grove, credit: nettlebed.org

This a tragedy for its inhabitants and all who are employed there.  It is also a bitter blow to the many of us who have brought our much-loved but redundant belongings to the donation station.  There they were sold in the monthly sales, raising money for the charity.

Donation station

The donation station

I am lucky that the closure did not happen before I had finished emptying Wrango, my family home.  It has been a great relief to take car loads of stuff to Sue Ryder’s, and to hand the items to knowledgeable and sympathetic volunteers at the donation station.  They were ever busy, hurrying back and forth with trollies, distributing items to their relevant departments—books, paintings, furniture etc.  Often they expressed interest in the things I gave them and we got talking.

In the last few weeks they accepted my father’s amateur artwork, including a portrait (from a photo) of the actress Felicity Kendal.

Felicity Kendal in The Real Thing

Dad’s painting of Felicity Kendal in The Real Thing

Importantly, Sue Ryder also had someone on hand to do portable appliance testing, enabling it to accept electrical items, which is a rare thing among charity shops.  The donation centre saved me having to take piles of stuff to the tip.  That would have been distressing; it is what may have to happen in future, as there is no alternative outlet.

Sue Ryder 1

Art department, with some of my Dad’s paintings (Virginia City, Montana, on right-hand wall)

I give a big thank-you to those magnificent and hard-working volunteers for their kindness and helpfulness to me—and I hope another charity collection-centre may soon emerge.  There is certainly a market for it.

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I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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2 Responses to Ryder into the sunset

  1. Pete Johnstone says:

    I assume the closure is to do with lack of funds to run the hospice? Sad to hear of the closure for whatever reason.

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