Barn owl bounty

As I was coming home at dusk last Sunday at the end of a walk, I was looking out for barn owls, but without any expectation of seeing one. It was sunset, and the blackbirds were making their evening chattery calls, and the last robins were singing before bedtime.

I crossed a field near Turville Court and I suddenly saw a barn owl flying low and silently. The time was 18.12. It followed the hedgerow then went off across the field to the wood.

The next evening I decided to look again at about the same time. As I entered the field at 18.14 a barn owl was heading straight for me, but as soon as it saw me it veered away towards Turville Heath.

Not my photo! Copyright Mat Fascione, Creative Commons Licence

Five days later I was there again. Darkness is daily inching later. I hung around in the field for a bit. At 18.20 some blackbirds started protesting in the hedge behind me and I spun round in time to see an owl fly into a tree–the same one? It then pushed off, low over the hedge, and was gone.

Where the barn owl was

I have recorded the sightings on the British Trust for Ornithology’s birdtrack.

Not my photo either. Copyright David Dixon, Creative Commons Licence

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I am the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society and I campaign for public access, paths and open spaces in town and country.
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4 Responses to Barn owl bounty

  1. chris prescott says:

    HI Kate
    We have a regular visitor in the field below our cottage but our best ever sighting was just after a national WaW get together at Horncastle. Parked up on a very quiet lane beyond Woodhall Spa we watched a barn owl go past us very close 3 times in quick succession each time carrying a vole to feed youngsters I guess – quite hypnotic and will register in the memory for a long time…….

  2. Karla mckechnie says:

    Hi Kate
    Frankie and I rescued a barn owl from the A386 last summer. It had had a knock and was sitting stunned in the road . After a couple of weeks we were able to release him where we had found him and he flew away….. magnificent!

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