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Mangled memory

Laurence Binyon’s words ‘They shall grow not old’ have been mangled in a recent film title, as Chris Hall points out in a letter in the Guardian. Continue reading

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What is a trainer? A matter for the courts

I was George Laurence’s guest for lunch at the Middle Temple and the question was whether my footwear was suitable. Continue reading

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Bucks Free Press’s boo-boo

The Bucks Free Press needs to pay more attention to apostrophes. Continue reading

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Poppy-day solecism

Too often the words of Laurence Binyon’s poem To the Fallen are wrongly transposed. Continue reading

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Jellyfish have teeth?

Since when have jellyfish had teeth? Continue reading

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So no more

I was pleased that Private Eye has poked fund at that annoying habit of starting a sentence with ‘So’. Continue reading

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Parallel and tandem are different

Last week I wrote to The Observer‘s Readers’ Editor: ‘I was concerned to see that in The Observer leader ‘Questions the PM must answer before we act’ (22 November, page 44) you have twice used ‘in tandem’ when you mean … Continue reading

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