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Nottingham’s town trail

At last I was able to open Nottingham’s historic town trail which celebrates the rescue of 130 acres of green space under the 1845 Inclosure Act. Continue reading

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Fifty Paces Forward!

Fifty Paces Forward! by Colin Saunders makes a nice christmas present for your rambling friends Continue reading

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Deserted villages on the Glyme

A chance visit to deserted mediaeval villages on the River Glyme in Oxfordshire Continue reading

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Fifty years of diary-keeping

I have kept a daily diary since fifty years ago today, 2 January 1969. Continue reading

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Bluebell archaeology: walkers look out!

Look out for where plants may mark archaeological sites Continue reading

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A prehistoric cairnfield?

Common Wood: part 14 I know there are lumps and bumps at the top of my land at Common Wood, near Horndon on Dartmoor.  I also know that piles of stones on Dartmoor often have some significance. I was delighted … Continue reading

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The men from St Giles

St Giles’s church in Oxford is commemorating the 18 parishioners who died on active service in the first world war. Continue reading

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Mass Observation at eighty

This year was the eightieth anniversary of Mass Observation, which gathered valuable social records, and continues to do so. Continue reading

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The year’s midnight

St Lucies Day is 13 December not the winter solstice. Continue reading

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Hypocrisy on the meadow

On 15 June fifteen thousand of us gathered on the meadows at Runnymede, to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta.  We had been invited by the National Trust (landowner) and Surrey County Council.     It … Continue reading

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