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Labour should celebrate access achievement, but go for more

Twenty years ago Labour was elected with a promise of legislation for the right to roam. We had to hold them to it. Continue reading

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Parliament puzzle

On Saturday the Open Spaces Society took part in the 750th anniversary celebrations of the siege of Kenilworth, as it owns Parliament Piece Continue reading

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News from the checkout

Leadsom has lost the vote of the lady in the Henley Waitrose checkout. Continue reading

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Tactical voting

Theresa May is accused of tactical voting; a similar (though far less significant) event occurred in the Ramblers in 1992. Continue reading

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Memories of Michael Meacher, friend of the access movement

Yesterday, 4 November, Michael Meacher would have been 76.  He was a true friend of the access movement.  When Labour won the election in 1997, Meacher became Minister of State for the Environment.  Despite being a very un-Blairite left-winger, he retained … Continue reading

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National parks: the soul of Britain

The new environment minister, Rory Stewart, has given a resounding endorsement to our national parks.  I have reproduced below his interview which was posted on You Tube by National Parks England on 31 July. It is brilliantly clear and unequivocal and delivered … Continue reading

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Not so benign?

Last week I went to a reception at the House of Lords to celebrate England’s national parks. It was held in the Attlee Room, under the shrewdly benign gaze of Clem Attlee whose portrait hung on the wall.  Since he was prime … Continue reading

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