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What about Natural England?

Michael Gove has announced that he will set up a new environmental body post Brexit, but he already has one. Continue reading

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The Archers wake up to Brexit

The Archers have only just woken up to the fact that we are leaving the EU. But at least they are hot on speed monitors. Continue reading

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All the Moor Butterflies on Common Wood

Another workday at Common Wood, creating a habitat for Marsh Fritillary butterflies. Continue reading

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The Archers: fiction or fact?

Is it right that The Archers is presented as news when it’s fiction? Continue reading

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Feisty Barbara’s anniversary

Today would have been Barbara MacDonald’s 104th birthday. I particularly enjoyed her humour. Continue reading

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On Plumstone Mountain

Thirty years ago I spoke at a site meeting of Dyfed County Councillors at Plumstone Rocks, to try to persuade them to remove unlawful fencing on the common Continue reading

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An unexpected and welcome knowledge of national parks Continue reading

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