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Jellyfish have teeth?

Since when have jellyfish had teeth? Continue reading

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Blog stats

WordPress has sent me a summary of my blog stats for 2015, though there are still two days to go. It tells me that my blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2015 and that I posted 111 stories (not quite … Continue reading

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Environment down the pecking order?

It’s Sunday afternoon, 10 May, and David Cameron has announced eight new (well, mostly recycled) ministers, but the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is not among them. While I realise the PM doesn’t necessarily make appointments … Continue reading

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Cameron’s oxymoron

David Cameron’s latest election wheeze, to require employers of more than 250 staff to give employees three days’ ‘volunteering’ a year, is misleadingly described. In my world, if people are being paid they are not ‘volunteering’.  The point of volunteering … Continue reading

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PM’s piecrust promise

Last Sunday I did a live interview on BBC Wiltshire’s programme Wild About Wiltshire. Before turning to me they played a recording of David Cameron on the BBC’s Countryfile in 2012.    He said: Here we are in West Oxfordshire, … Continue reading

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