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Finale for All the Moor Butterflies

The three-year All the Moor Butterflies project has ended, but we must all still care for butterflies and moths. Continue reading

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Memories of warblers

The warblers will sing, but I shall not hear my usual range. Continue reading

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Virus-free Ambridge: not quite

It is ironic that The Archers, which has steadfastly avoided mentioning  coronavirus, has been hit by it. The Friday edition has been scrapped, presumably to extend the life of the episodes which have already been recorded. Of course it’s a … Continue reading

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A passport to heaven

Only a year ago we were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Parks Act in the Peak District: now we are in another era. Continue reading

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A community endeavour

It’s a year since I visited The Anglers Rest, a community hub in Bamford, Derbyshire. Continue reading

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A week is a long time

Last Friday’s event in Wales was my last physical meeting for an indeterminate period. Continue reading

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Ramblers Scotland: trailblazers

I have some excellent memories of the recent Ramblers’ Scottish Council, the last Ramblers’ gathering we shall have for a while. Continue reading

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The barley farmstead

My visit to the Ramblers’ Scottish Council gave me a chance to explore North Berwick on the East Lothian coast. Continue reading

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Who guards The Guardian?*

Whoever wrote the advertisement for The Guardian’s course on writing good sentences needs to enrol on the course. Continue reading

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Ryder into the sunset

Sue Ryder Nettlebed hospice and its charity donation station are closing, and we shall all be the losers. Continue reading

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